Monday, May 31, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon in Port Fairy

At 7.30pm on Friday 11 June and 1.30 pm Saturday 12June Port Fairy Consolidated School screens HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON PG 98 Mins

The adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, a 11-year-old son of a Viking chieftain, who must capture and train a Dragon to be part of his tribe. How to Train Your Dragon is directed by Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders and stars Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Tickets $10 & $5 from the School and at the door.

Poetry and Romance in Bright Star

Poetry and romance are brought to the Port Fairy in Bright Star in a fundraising film by the Ex Libris Book Fair, this Friday 4 June at 7.30pm. PG 110 mins Tickets $12 ph 5568 3311 & Door

Bright Star tells the story of John Keats (Tim Wishaw) the great romantic poet through the eyes of his love and inspiration - Fanny Brawn (Abbey Cornish).

Campion brings to this story an unfashionable, unapologetic reverence for romance and romantic love, and she responds to Keats's life and work with intelligence and grace.

Inspired by the actual love letters between the couple and Keats' sublime poetry, Jane Campion’s Bright Star is an affecting and deeply considered study of the last years in the short life of Keats, and the ecstasy of loss which suffuses his love affair with Fanny Brawne – a love thwarted not due to illness, but to a web of prospects, social scruples and loyalties.

“Jane Campion is at the very top of her form with this really fine co-production between the UK and Australia. Bright Star is superior to most period films because of the absolute realism with which Campion and her distinguished cinematographer Greig Fraser, depict everyday life 190 years ago and a tender relationship which was restricted by the conventions of the period.

In a cast full of really fine performances, Abbie Cornish is outstanding as Fanny. Campion takes her time to tell her tender story, but the film rewards with a conclusion I found incredibly moving.

This is certainly one of the best films of the year. (2009)” David Stratton ABC At the Movies 5 Stars.

"From one of the finest filmmakers working in the world today. .. An exquisite film”, Margaret Pomeranz 4.5 Stars

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oklahoma! sweeps into Port Fairy

“Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” sings Curly as the boys meet, lose and try to win the girls with heart and song.
Oklahoma! dazzles audiences with sweeping cinematography, catchy show tunes and skirt-hitching dance sequences.

At 1.30pm Tuesday 25 May Oklahoma! sweeps across the screen at the Reardon Theatre to conclude our first season of Tuesday Classic s.
There will be another 4 film season starting in August for PFFS members.

Colin Firth in stunning, award winning performance as “A Single Man”

“A Single Man” described as a romantic tale of love interrupted, stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in a stunning directorial debut for designer Tom Ford, and features an award winning performance by Colin Firth.

Set in 1960’s California, it traces the story of one transformational day in the life of George Falconer (Firth), a gay college professor who is mourning the death of his long time lover. This one day blends past and present, desire and despair and the discovery of love persisting even after the object of love is gone.

This was at a time when being gay was not socially acceptable, when jobs could be lost, when families were shamed and therefore cruel. Ford has filled this adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel with a compelling sense of beauty and style. It is an immaculate-looking film.

David Stratton from ABC’s “At the Movies” states

“ I think it is an exceptionally beautiful film. It's a very small story, but emotionally a very powerful story and it's so beautiful, it's like a kind of perfect jewel…”

So if you are in the mood for a thought-provoking and dramatic plot-line, sprinkled with the brilliance of Colin Firth and his co-stars, you will not regret it.

“A Single Man” is rated M and screens at the Reardon Theatre Bank St. Port Fairy on Friday May 21st at 7:30pm. Members tickets go on sale at the door from 7:10pm. See you around the urn for free tea and coffee.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spectacular Science Film Festival Free!!!

The spectacular beauty of the Antarctic, Earth and the Moon will be explored on the Big Screen in four excellent films this Friday and Saturday at the Reardon Theatre Port Fairy. The screenings are free.

The program provides a wonderful insight into human exploration of our world at all levels.

This marvellous Festival of free science themed films with drinks and refreshments is presented by the Royal Inst of Science in conjunction with Free Range Films, ACMI and the Port Fairy Film Society, with funding by the Victorian Government.

Friday 14 May 11.30am & 1.30pm

The spectacular BBC documentary by Mike Linfield about a year of life on Earth in large screen detail, as told through the lives of polar bears, elephants, whales, caribou, cranes and the Earth itself . G 96mins

"visually you have to gasp at some of the images captured here, they really strike home just how beautiful and complex this planet earth is with its multiplicity of species, reaffirming how much we ought to treasure it.” Margaret Pomeranz , ABC, 3.5 Stars

Friday 14 May 7.30 pm
The Fox and the Child
Luc Jaquet’s (March of the Penguin’s)part fiction and documentary beautiful story of a young girl who forms a friendship with a fox in the French country side, and the quite scary(for young children) and dangerous, natural life of the predatory fox, narrated by Kate Winslet. The film is told primarily from the fox’s perspective. G 94 mins

“The film has some amazing moments,.. the most amazing is the relationship between the child and the fox, I don’t know how it was achieved but it’s pretty impressive… Luc Jacquet …does animals really well.” Margaret Pomeranz , ABC,
3.5 stars

Saturday 15 May 2.00pm
In the Shadow of the Moon

Ten of the surviving Apollo astronauts tell their story of their visits to the Moon in David Sington’s marvellous documentary. It shows footage never seen before recounted in terms of its human as well as technical achievement. A big inspirational film to be seen on the big screen. G. 96mins

“Documentaries can be so great at times, and this is one of them. I sat absolutely captured, in a high degree of tension for much of the time, not just by what was achieved by these men but by how they actually felt about that experience.” Margaret Pomeranz, ABC, 4.5 Stars

Saturday 15 May 7.30pm
Encounters at the End of the World

This visually stunning documentary by Werner Herzog about life in an Antarctic station shows the sometimes eccentric human side of our scientific exploration at the end of our world. With humour and respect, it also shows the raw beauty of the Antarctic including some magnificent underwater scenes. G 99 mins 3.5stars David Stratton, ABC.

The Science Film Festival sponsors

Free Range Films is part of a wider series of science themed events
that are run in regional Victoria, the idea being to provide free opportunities for people in regional areas to engage in science in a fun, entertaining and relevant way. In conjunctionwith Deakin University, they are also involved with the Warrnambool Kids Festival. Contact Adam Strang, Programs Coordinator, The Science Exchange<>