Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Band's Visit - December 12th 7.30pm

The Band’s Visit is Port Fairy Film Society’s December screening this Friday 7.30pm.

Comedy can’t end wars. But sometimes it can help cut through the unremitting complexity of conflict and grief by presenting us with the simple maxim: our stories are shared, so let’s laugh about it together.

The Band’s Visit revisits the Israeli-Arab issue with a clever set-up. An Egyptian police band due to perform at an Arab cultural centre becomes stranded at a remote Jewish village in Israel due to a miscommunication with a bus driver. In their bright blue police uniforms and carrying enormous instrument cases, they are less fish out of water than a pod of beached whales.

When the enemy is humanised, and needs our help, it generally brings out the best in people, and so it is – eventually - with the townfolk of Peta Tikva. The helpless dignity of the men and the generosity of the women in particular provide some interesting and amusing culture clash moments. With a lovely coming-of-age subplot and an emphasis on the shared love of music, the film is touching and memorable.

The Band's Visit (is) a witty, elegant and deeply affecting film,” said David Stratton in The Australian.

“A film of quiet intensity, hard edged charm and surprising revelations, The Band's Visit straddles comedy and drama with ease," wrote Andrew L. Urban from Urban Cinefiles.

To get the audience in the mood, and to celbrate our final film of the year, the Port Fairy Band will be performing in the theatre shortly before the screening.

Screening starts at 7.30pm. Memberships available at the door, tea and coffee provided.

Click below to watch trailer: