Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In A Better World

This film will keep you talking long after it’s over, which is often the mark of a very good film..

This Friday 17 June, the Port Fairy Film Society brings a beautifully crafted and thought provoking drama from Danish Director Susanne Biers who brought us such fine movies as "After the Wedding" and "Brothers".

Winner of the Golden Globe in 2010 and in 2011 the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, "In A Better World" approaches violence and justice from a variety of angles, and at separate stages of their evolution. It focuses on the domestic story of a new friendship between two boys and the consequences of bullying, violence and revenge, but is set against a broader conflictual back drop which links to the refugee camps of Africa, where the father of one of the boys works and where violence exists on an everyday basis.

The film asks moral questions and presents challenges through exploring the themes of how adults teach their children to handle conflict, to control their own potential violent urges, and how to provide a peaceful response in a violent world.

Margaret from "At the Movies" describes "In a Better World" in this way;

"It's a beautiful, sad, ultimately compassionate film about the origins of iolence, wherever it rears its head, and the implications of dealing with it."

She then goes on to rate it at 4 out of 5 stars.

Viewers will hopefully find "In a Better World" a poignant and provocative film about masculinity, parent's responsibility and the dangers of violence in everyday life.


"In a Better World" is rated MA15+, and is a Danish film with subtitles. It screens at 7:30pm on Friday June 17th at the Reardon Theatre. All members current and new are welcome. Memberships are on sale from 7:10pm. See you round the Urn.

* 7.30PM Friday 1 July SIDEWAYS

As part of its July romantic Winter Weekend program, the PF WWE screens Sideways.

A Miles, a dedicated wine buff and unpublished novelist, takes his old friend Jack, who is about to get married, on a week long bachelor's trip to Californian wine country, where they meet Maya and Stephanie and learn about the true nature of pinot noir. Their different notions of love and lust take them on an amusing but complicated and painful journey.

.ABC Margaret: 4.5 Stars David: 5 Stars (USA) MA (127 mins) Tickets at the door.



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