Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Potiche" - very French and very funny.

This months offering at the Port Fairy Film Society should tempt film lovers out into the cold and into the warmed up Reardon Theatre, for this very French and very funny film, complete with famous French stars and silly, farcical situations in a retro 70's setting. Based on a very successful hit comic play, Catherine Denueve plays Suzanne, the "Potiche" or submissive, housebound, trophy wife of a successful but tyrannical businessman Robert (Fabrice Luchini).

Robert is taken hostage by irate workers who go on strike at his umbrella factory and Suzanne steps in and takes charge of the factory and the situation, proving herself to be more than competent and capable. Things of course get complicated, and so the battle of the sexes and the classes ensues with comic consequences. With further great performances from Gerard Depardieu, playing a former union leader and Suzannes ex-lover ("a lovelorn political beast") and an ensemble cast of comic actors the film unfolds to be a hugely enjoyable and entertaining satire.

Critics have said of "Potiche"

"For pure pleasure of cinema, there's nothing better out there at the moment."


"This frothy, farcical film from Francois Ozon dotes on its star and Deneuve delivers. She's fabulous and funny. The song and dance routine she does with Depardieu is alone worth the price of a ticket." Margaret ABC

"Potiche" will be screened on Friday July 15th at 7:30pm at the Reardon Theatre Bank St. Port Fairy. It is Rated M and its running time is 110 Minutes. New and existing members always welcome. Free tea and Coffee and sweets for sale.

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